Brookfield Zoo

Brookfield is one of the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and as this is where the zoo is located it has naturally taken on the name of the area; however the true name of the animal park here is the Chicago Zoological Park. The animals at the zoo represent around 450 species of creature from around the globe. The facility opened in 1934 and unlike other zoos did not use metal cages to house the animals; instead using d

Sonographer Pros/Cons

No matter what the role, or what the industry all jobs have their positive and negative aspects. It is by weight up the pros and cons of a job which help a person decide whether it is the career they should enter into. When looking into beginning a career as a sonographer it is important to understand the positives and negatives of the role. On the plus side there is the fact that as a sonographer you are helping i

Dover Saddlery

Founded in 1975 by two members of the American Equestrian Team of the 1972 Olympics, David and Jim Powers took their knowledge of horses and riding and established a retail operation designed to provide riders with the best choice of top quality riding equipment that they could. Using their own professional knowledge they brought together a range of tack which new riders and experienced riders could appreciate and

Lowry Park Zoo

Located in Tampa, Florida the Lowry Park Zoo is considered to be the most family friendly zoo in the country. Not only can visitors see the animals in naturalistic habitats they can also interact with many of them, for example visitors are able to feed the giraffes and even stroke a stingray in the aquarium. Lowry Park Zoo is also the home of the Manatee and Aquatic Centre which takes care of orphaned or injured ma

Dermatologist Skills

There are a number of skills that dermatologists must display. In addition to their academic knowledge, they must also showcase personal traits such as being able to work closely with patients and communicate with them. They must be emotionally stable and demonstrate a willingness to help others. Dermatologists are in the healthcare industry and as a consequence should have good health themselves. Excellent eyesigh

Shedd Aquarium

Formerly known as the John G Shedd Aquarium the facility is home to more than 25,000 fish. Located in Chicago, Illinois it originally opened to the public in 1930, at the time it was the first inland located aquarium to house a permanent exhibit of saltwater marine life. It sits on Museum Campus Chicago, and along with the planetarium and Field Museum of Natural History receives approximately two million visitors e

Chiropractor Education

Becoming a chiropractor requires extensive education and training. Those who wish to enter this field will be expected to dedicate four years for professional study, as well as two years spent studying the basic sciences. Candidates will also be required to spend two years training in the clinical sciences. Aspiring chiropractors who desire to work with physiological therapeutics will need training for this as well

Amazing Jakes

Amazing Jakes Food and Fun is a company which has two amazing 90,000 square feet locations in Arizona and Texas. Amazing Jakes is an indoor amusement park with a number of rides and attractions, as well as an all you can eat buffet, with pizza, pasta and a potato and salad bar on offer. As for rides and attractions, both Amazing Jakes locations feature: Go-Karts, Bumper Cars, Laser Tag, Miniature Golf and an Arcade

What is a Paralegal?

It is the role of the paralegal to assist the attorney in all aspects of his or her work. The job involves everything from researching and examining legal precedent to preparing witnesses for a court appearance. Just like professional lawyers, paralegals can also specialise in different aspects of the law for example; criminal law, family law, corporate law or immigration. Paralegals are commonly referred to as leg

While it may seem off for someone who has enjoyed the rock..

Little has changed about the appearance of David Coverdale over the years; he still has the long hair, the denim jeans and the open shirt that his fans will instantly recognise. As the front man of ‘Whitesnake’ he looked every inch the rocker that you would expect him to be, and now despite having aged a little is looking remarkably good despite his sixty plus years. His face while showing some signs of aging i