Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo is filled with attractions which should appeal to the whole family. Visit the big bears and see how they interact and play, or have some fun with the sea lions down in their pool. Tiger Mountain is where the Siberian tigers are located which are a hugh attraction for visitors. Many of the exhibits are located outdoors but there are also some indoor exhibits whch can be the place to go when the weather

Neurologist definition

Neurologists treat diseases which affect the brain, spine, and peripheral nervous system. This includes epilepsy, strokes, or Alzheimer’s disease. These doctors are classified as primary care providers, but may also act as consultants for other doctors. When a patient has a neurological disease that requires routine care, the neurologist will be the main physician that treats them. Neurologists are not surgeons,

Dallas Zoo vs. Fort Worth Zoo

Dallas Zoo and Fort Worth Zoo are both located in Texas, but both have different reputations regarding the facilities and amenities that they provide as a tourist attraction; plus both have received varying reviews from visitors. In general Fort Worth Zoo is regarded to be the better of the two as visitors describe it as having a better atmosphere, a cleaner park and friendlier staff. Those who have visited them bo

99 Restaurant & Pub

The original 99 Restaurant & Pub was established in Massachusetts in 1952 by Charlie Doe. The business as grown and developed into a successful chain and offers diners a very relaxed almost family atmosphere in all of its numerous locations in the United States. The food is very down to earth and considered home style, and everything is affordably priced which makes it a very popular restaurant with families. G

Portrait Innovations

Portrait Innovations is the name of a chain of photographic portrait studios in the United States which allow families to preserve special memories through photographs. There are currently in excess of two hundred Portrait Innovations photography studios located nationwide each providing professional portraits for all manner of occasions. Following the shoot the client and photographer can sit together to select th

How to find good petroleum engineer jobs?

Petroleum engineering is a high growth field with lots of demand. Therefore, finding jobs is straightforward once a student has graduated from college. The biggest challenge most will face is completing the educational credentials needed to enter the field. The first source for finding employment can be through a mentor or professor. Many college professors are former engineers who’ve worked in the field, and the

Tennessee Aquarium

At the time it was opened the Tennessee Aquarium was home to the biggest freshwater aquarium attraction found in any aquarium in the world. The exhibits within the facility explained the story of how the world’s river systems functioned, explaining how a single raindrop travels the river from mountain to ocean. This exhibit is still a feature of the aquarium, but the facility now also houses in excess of 12,000 i


Women’s fashion wear retailer The Cato Corporation sells clothing and accessories across America in retail outlets which trade under the brand name of Catofashions. The company operate a large number of stores throughout the south east of America the company also trade online. The foundations of the Cato Company were laid in 1946 by Henry Cato and his and currently the head offices of the corporation are to be fo

Brookfield Zoo

Brookfield is one of the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and as this is where the zoo is located it has naturally taken on the name of the area; however the true name of the animal park here is the Chicago Zoological Park. The animals at the zoo represent around 450 species of creature from around the globe. The facility opened in 1934 and unlike other zoos did not use metal cages to house the animals; instead using d

Sonographer Pros/Cons

No matter what the role, or what the industry all jobs have their positive and negative aspects. It is by weight up the pros and cons of a job which help a person decide whether it is the career they should enter into. When looking into beginning a career as a sonographer it is important to understand the positives and negatives of the role. On the plus side there is the fact that as a sonographer you are helping i