What is a Paralegal?

It is the role of the paralegal to assist the attorney in all aspects of his or her work. The job involves everything from researching and examining legal precedent to preparing witnesses for a court appearance. Just like professional lawyers, paralegals can also specialise in different aspects of the law for example; criminal law, family law, corporate law or immigration. Paralegals are commonly referred to as leg

While it may seem off for someone who has enjoyed the rock..

Little has changed about the appearance of David Coverdale over the years; he still has the long hair, the denim jeans and the open shirt that his fans will instantly recognise. As the front man of ‘Whitesnake’ he looked every inch the rocker that you would expect him to be, and now despite having aged a little is looking remarkably good despite his sixty plus years. His face while showing some signs of aging i

While the actor and singer may deny having been through

Singer and actor David Cassidy was something of a pin up during the 1970’s. He regularly appeared on the long running television show ‘The Partridge Family’ before forging his own successful career in the music industry. Even now he is still followed on tour by an army of loyal female fans, many of whom travel abroad just to see him perform. Now aged sixty four his face is showing few of the signs of aging th

Plastic Surgery History

The roots of modern plastic surgery can be traced back more than 4,000 years; back to ancient Egypt and India when archaeological evidence has revealed that ancient surgeons were performing nasal reconstructions, using reeds to keep the nostrils and airways open. The first texts relating to what we would consider to be plastic surgery were created in India in 600 B.C by a Dr Acharya Sushrut. The Romans too develope

Successful model and actress Plastic Surgeries

Ashley Judd is a successful model and actress and like so many in her profession has turned to the help of a cosmetic surgeon in order to stop the aging process in its tracks and maintain her looks and public appeal. Married to a successful racing driver she is thought to have been through some of the enhancement procedures in order to hold his attention and stop him being attracted by the beauty of a younger woman

Approaching Fifty – time for Plastic Surgery?

Actress Kyra Sedgewick is fast approaching fifty years of age. Known for appearing in many popular films and television series such as ‘Phenomenon’ and ‘The Closer’ it seems that she has turned to the plastic surgeon for help in maintaining the looks which launched her career. The mother of two looks decidedly younger than her true age, something which can be said of many of the women who live and work in H

American Society of Plastic Surgeons

For anyone undergoing a surgical procedure, it is important to know that the person performing your surgery is not only fully qualified to carry it out, but also has the experience needed to ensure a successful outcome. More than 90% of all plastic surgeons licensed to practice in the US are members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, also known as ASPS. The society was established in 1931 and now has more

Singer Celebrities and Plastic Surgeries

Singer Kellie Pickler got her big break on the ‘American idol’ television talent show. She failed to take the title by winning the competition, but it did help to launch her into the music industry. Despite still only being in her twenties the singer seems to have no problem with altering her image with the use of cosmetic surgery in order to boost the chances of a successful career. It is clear by looking at i