About John Dunlop

While the name of John Dunlop may be more recognisable now in the world of automotive racing and tires he was by trade a veterinarian. He developed the first pneumatic tire in 1888, not out of some desire to make a ride in a automobile more enjoyable, but to make his son’s ride on his bicycle smoother. Discover the K1 Speed Coupons. His son was ill and on advice of his doctor the boy was advised to cycle for

Carrots For Dogs

Dogs tend to like a carrot to chew on and while the majority will eat the carrot there are some that will just chew it up and spit it out. Even if they spit out the chewed up vegetable it has still been of benefit to their dental health, as raw carrot is an excellent tool for keeping a dog’s teeth clean. Discover the Addiction Dog Food Coupons. For those that eat all of the vegetable they are getting the bene

Automobile History

The history of the automobile is something which reflects the advances of mechanisation being made the world over, as the motor powered vehicle was not invented by a single person in a short space of time. It was the culmination of research and experimentation across the developed world. Discover the Brake Masters Coupons. It is thought that more than 100,000 patents were put forward which lead to the creation of t

About Jim Grote

Jim Grote is the founder of Donato’s Pizzeria, which operates out of almost two hundred locations across the United States. He sold the entire chain of pizza restaurants to McDonald’s in 1999 for a still undisclosed sum before buying the entire company back again in 2003, again for an undisclosed figure. Get the Donatos Pizza Coupons. In the time that the company was under the operation of McDonalds Jim

Steakhouse General Info

What we term a steakhouse today was what used to be referred to a chop house. A restaurant where you could pick up a meal where meat was the main ingredient and served with one or two staple sides such as potato or bread. Today, steakhouses specialise in beef, though other meats have since crept onto a number of steakhouse menus including veal, chicken and occasionally seafood. Find how to get the Lone Star Steakho

About the Shenandoah Caverns

The Shenandoah Caverns are a popular natural tourist attraction located in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. It is the only series of caverns in the state which provides elevator access for visitors making it accessible to almost everyone. Native Americans knew of the existence of the caverns long before anyone else. Also, get info about the Luray Caverns Coupons. It was in 1884 that railroad workers discovered th

Zoo, Aquariums & others in USA

Indianapolis Zoo and its accompanying botanical gardens are situated within White River State Park in Indianapolis, Indiana; aside from the gardens and the zoo there is also an aquarium located on the same site. Also, learn how to get the Monterey Bay Aquarium Coupons. The zoo was opened 1985 though it took almost two decade for it to reach the levels of popularity and profitability that were expected of it. Upon o

Can dogs eat tilapia?

Tilapia is a fish and as such is an excellent source of essential fatty acids as well as vitamin D, folate, potassium and phosphorous. Dogs can eat this fish and benefit from its nutritional qualities providing that the fish has been thoroughly de-boned before it is given to them. Find theĀ Diamond Dog Food Reviews. The fish should also be served cooked and not raw as when raw the flesh of the fish is known to cont

Can dogs eat bread? What do you believe?

As much as your dog enjoys finishing off your sandwich, or taking care of your toast crusts; bread is not really a food that dogs should be eating much of, if at all. Many dogs are intolerant to wheat and giving them wheat based bread is not going to do them any good at all. Bread is generally quite calorie rich which means that it can lead to unnecessary weight gain. Get the info about the Solid Gold Dog Food. Own

Best dog food for a cocker spaniel

Originally bred as bird dogs cocker spaniels have remained a popular breed for companion dogs. On the whole it is recommended that the breed be fed between 1.5 and 2.5 cups of food per day. They will eat more however and because of this they are a breed which is prone to weight gain. Find more about theĀ Acana Dog Food brand. Allowing your dog to gain excess weight can leave them open to all kinds of weight related